Choosing a good domain name is an important decision to make and could give your business a real boost.

Choosing a good domain name for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Most search engines know that the words in your domain name will reflect on the subject of your website, and so added weight is given to the words used in your domain name. In addition to the benefit of search engines generating traffic to your website, if a name is easy to remember, people will naturally return to your website.

An example of the of benefit using a good domain name relates to a firm of couriers that we started working with back in 2010. MSF Couriers were a relatively new firm of couriers based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The firm had been named after the initials of the owner. Not a bad reason for choosing a business name but it just didn't reflect that the firm was looking for courier work in the Cheltenham area. Be honest - if you saw the name "MSF Couriers" sign-written on a white van whilst on the motorway, or in a local newsletter, would you easily remember it?

screenshot od Cheltenham Couriers website

After we were approached to carry out some website marketing work for them, we suggested changing the name to "Cheltenham Couriers". The domain name was available to register, so the name of the firm was changed. It was a brave move by the business owners, but a move that has paid dividends ever since.

Putting myself in the position of a potential customer in Cheltenham wishing to send a parcel sameday, I have just typed the phrase "Cheltenham courier" into Google search. The website for Cheltenham Couriers has appeared an incredible three times on the front page (Google Adwords, Google Places and the actual search query result).

As in the above example, we recommend that where possible, your domain name should contain your target keywords. This isn't always practical, but we can advise you on choosing the most suitable domain name for your business and registering it in your name for future use.

Good domain names that haven't been registered before are becoming more and more difficult to find, particularly as there is a huge market in the sale and rent of domain names. Often referred to as premium domain names, these are domains that have been registered previously, and are now available for purchase on the secondary market at a premium cost.

Domain names have become something of a commodity over the past few years, and many businesses and individuals view them as a long-term investment. Citimedia have a portfolio of domain names for sale and rent and also have considerable experience in negotiating and securing premium domain names at reasonable cost.

Citimedia can advise you choosing the most appropriate domain name for your business website, at the best possible price. If you would like to discuss your domain name purchase, please telephone us on (01452) 290080 or contact us by email.

A big thank you to Kevin Burge at Citimedia in Cheltenham. He has done an amazing job on my website. I am very pleased.
Selina Thomas
Selinas Lettings
Over 85% of our work is generated online. Citimedia have been instrumental in getting our website seen by new potential customers.
Matthew Fenn
Cheltenham Couriers
It doesn't matter where in the UK your business is located. Citimedia can work with you to attract more visitors to your website.
Our new 'Gloucestershire cardboard box' website is helping to sell even more cardboard moving boxes and packing materials to local customers.
S Fleming
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