Gloucestershire website design firm working with UK businesses wanting more website visitors.

If you don't yet have your own website, or maybe you are starting a new business, we can produce a simple and effective website for you within a matter of days. Maybe your current website hasn't been updated for a while and would benefit from a makeover.

Our UK website design services are effective and we can produce a brand new website starting from just £120.

Since launching Citimedia in 2010, we have produced successful websites for all types of businesses throughout the UK including courier firms, removal companies, roofers, restaurants, carpet cleaners, bed and breakfast's, electricians, letting agents, pubs, boarding kennels, ironing services, oven cleaners and chimney sweeps.

screenshot of a website designed by Citimedia

Some traditional website designers will set out to design a business website using unusual layouts, fancy drop-down menus and the very latest design effects. Although attractive to look at, the user can often be confused by the layout and feel of the website and will leave in frustration at not finding the information they came looking for.

Here at Citimedia, we are very different. We always recommend that your website is designed with your visitor in mind. This usually means that the website should be conventional and straightforward to use.

"Content is the king" when it comes to a business website. If your website is well-structured, useful and contains relevant content, then it should become successful.

The important search engines, including Google, will recognise your website and your popularity will increase.

The websites designed by Citimedia will validate as XHTML 1.0 strict and have a SEO friendly layout where the actual content of the website containing the all important keywords for your business comes before the side navigation.

In the case of your business website design and your online business identity, Citimedia recommend that simplicity really is the key to your success.

If you require any advice on your website design, or if you have any questions whatsover, please telephone us on (01452) 290080 or contact us by email.

We are friendly, professional and will not use technical jargon to explain our website design techniques.

A big thank you to Kevin Burge at Citimedia in Cheltenham. He has done an amazing job on my website. I am very pleased.
Selina Thomas
Selinas Lettings
Over 85% of our work is generated online. Citimedia have been instrumental in getting our website seen by new potential customers.
Matthew Fenn
Cheltenham Couriers
It doesn't matter where in the UK your business is located. Citimedia can work with you to attract more visitors to your website.
Our new 'Gloucestershire cardboard box' website is helping to sell even more cardboard moving boxes and packing materials to local customers.
S Fleming
Gloucester Boxes